Having finalised the completion date of 29th April we're now looking for people who want to help with the refurbishment of the Cross Keys before it re-opens.

Graham Watts is in charge of the total refurbishment project and is organising the skilled labour we need however general help will be needed.  Shelley is in charge of supplies, staff and operational aspects.

We are in the process of organising offers of help to do the work required.  We need to redecorate inside and out, rebuild and repoint some areas, carry out some electrical works, replace some furnishings, generally clean prior to opening and get the garden back to the lovely area it was.  We are keen to accomplish this in theshortest possible time.  We will start on 30th April, the May Bank Holiday weekend, and are hoping to have many volunteers available over that weekend to get a good start.

Gill Sorisi is co-ordinating the times when people are available together with their skills.  If you would like to help then please download the
Schedule of Work and email Gill at gillsorisi@hotmail.co.uk to let her know when we can depend on your time.

There are several possibilities:


  1. You are available all that weekend at any time needed

  2. You are available at specific times (please say day and am or pm if     applicable)

  3. You cannot be available that weekend

  4. You are also available during the rest of the time (if so please say when)

  5. You are only available during the rest of the time (if so please say when)

  6. You cannot commit a specific time but would like to help and will turn up whenever you can

With as much information as we can gather we are hoping to cover all times when Graham needs unskilled help.  Once this is done everyone will be contacted so that they know what is expected.

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