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Last updated 15th May 2021

The Cross Keys "COVID" Rules
Subject to change as we learn following re-opening on 12th April (and 17th May for indoors) and any new guidance received.

RULES and what we are doing, and asking of you, for the safety of all - updated to reflect our operations from 12th April & 17th May (for indoors)

Please check back regularly for any new guidance.


All orders will be taken by staff in the garden and payment taken there as well, unless you use the app.

Customer access into the building will be to use the toilets only.

From May 17th indoor tables will be available but again all ordering and payment is "at the table".


ENTRY and Exit for the garden will be via the garden entrance to the left of the pub until May 17th then entry is via the pub and staff will guide you to your table inside or outside.

Please avoid using the gate from the main carpark.

Tables are for a maximum of 6 and two households only. If in doubt please discuss when booking.

You will be directed to your table. You will receive a "use once" printed menu with more details to help you make your choices, then your order will be taken at your table.

Please wear suitable clothing!!

The pub's wifi password is CrossKeys (case sensitive) should you want to use it.


  • Be seated. This will be at a (numbered) table. 

  • Wear a face mask until they are seated at their table and when moving around the premises e.g. to visit the toilet.

  • NOT approach other tables to talk to people seated there.

  • NOT enter the building for any reason (other than to use the toilets) until May 17th relaxations.

  • Give us their contact details It is essential for track and trace that you provide details required on each visit.

We are required to retain a record of all customers, that will be the person making the booking. It is preferred that you use your phone to scan the QR code for the NHS Test and Trace app. This code is on signs in the pub. The NHS app can be downloaded here.


 For Android devices    For Apple devices


The QR code is the quickest way for each individual visitor to check in.  (For those without a smart phone, we can add your details into our till system as with a usual booking. Please just speak with a member of the team when seated if details not given at time of booking.)

Toilets:  Please observe the notices on the toilet doors/entrance areas to ensure social distancing and hygiene standards.


CAPACITY PLEASE NOTE: It is possible you will not be admitted, or your booking not taken, because the maximum number allowed while adhering to the COVID rules within the pub garden has been met. That is why pre-booking is essential (mandatory) until notified otherwise.

BOOKING is required though there may be a free table on the night so always worth calling. Tables are booked on the basis of a 2 hour slot. 

​SANITISERS: Several of these have been installed around the pub for staff and customer use, please use them frequently.

CLEANING TABLES: There will be a minimum 15 minute gap between bookings on the same table to allow for complete clean of the surfaces etc.

COLLECTING TAKEAWAYS:  Why not have a pint while you wait to collect your takeaway? 


Staff have been trained...

We have trained all our staff to behave differently to what would have been the norm that you might have expected.


All staff will be wearing face masks

They may talk to you without directly facing you, they will be wearing masks and/or visors.

A great deal of staff training and newly implemented safe ways of working continues to maximise safety and minimise risks to both staff and customers in line with the latest rules/ guidance.


We thank you for your cooperation, without it pubs may have to close again.