Milk & Dairy Machines

There are now two machines in the outdoors enclosure. One is to dispense whole milk in ONE or HALF litre quantities, the other is a traditional vending machine for empty milk bottles, cheeses and butter.

Below is detail about what is on offer and there is a video of how to use  the milk station and some details about it.

Dairy Vending Machine

As examples the options available are:

Empty 1 Ltr Reusable Milk Bottles  £2.00

Maryland Salted Butter                     £2.20


Barber Cheeses:

Red Leicester £2.50  (200g)

Mature Cheddar £2.50  (200g)   £3.50  (320g)

Cave Aged Cheddar  £3.00      

Waxed Truckle Mature  £3.50

Soft cheese is on an  "as available" basis.

All prices subject to change based on availability.

The vending machine is CASH ONLY - please use exact change if you can.

See video of how to operate this vending machine; it will help you if you watch this before using it!

Anything else you would like to see in the vending machine?  Send us a message and we will see if we can make it happen!


Milk Station


Unless you are a five year old, the first time you use any new equipment you are filled with trepidation! So here is a video of John telling you how to use the new Milk Station.

The Milk Station is contactless payments ONLY and dispenses 1 litre (£1.20) or half a litre (70p) of milk.

Using the Milk Machine

Bottles (with screw caps) are available by the machine or from the "shop" at £2 each or bring your own.

Leave the door open for the milk to be dispensed, please close after you have removed your bottle of milk.

Please note that you are responsible for ensuring that any container you use is cleaned properly.

Please ensure you hold your card against the contactless "pad" until it is registered - a series of blue lights on the panel illuminate; this may take longer than you are used to due to the poor  and intermittent mobile phone signal. 


The contactless payment system may not work first time (again due to the poor signal); just try again when the system indicates it is connected.

See John operating the machine by viewing the video below. 

This is the contactless element and the START button

Please note the triangle START button.

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