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Last updated 27th June 2020

Meat at the Cross Keys


1. Weekly Meat order

Weekly meat orders need to be made by 6pm Tuesday - by phone or email, to discuss options.

Examples include:

8oz Rump Steaks (£5ea)

6oz Fillet Steaks  (£6ea)

1kg Mince Beef  (£7)

1kg Sausages (£8)

500g Back Bacon (£4)

Black Pudding (£3)

Pack of 2 Gammon Steaks (£9)

Prices are only a guide and depend on the market rate.


2. Roast Hamper (for Saturday night or Sunday)

Order by 3pm Thursday, for collection Saturday or Sunday


  • Meat - options given when ordering each week

  •  Selection of veg and potatoes 

  • John's gravy 

  • Homemade Yorkie batter mix

  • Riley’s Chefs top tips 


Prices from £5 kids, £10 adults 


 Min two persons 

Subject to availability

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3. Corsley Community Hub Supporting Local Farmers

We are choosing a different breed of animal, with a local farmer and offering meat boxes, on a pre-ordered basis, only. 

Details of this week's offer:

These packs will be intended to feed 4 People at least 6 Meals.

Introductory Price - £60

1 x Shoulder or Leg of Lamb
(boned and rolled, ready to roast)
4 x Rump or Leg Steaks approx (6oZ ) each
1 x Mince Lamb – approx 600g
1 x Diced Lamb – approx 600g
8 x Lamb Chop – approx 115g (4oZ) each
8 x 4-5oz Lamb Burgers

Order and pre-pay by 5pm Friday for collection, following week.