24 Hour Vending machines for Milk & Dairy and other products

This page will shortly be replaced with a link to H&H's site which is providing the vending service along with the provision of some local meat produce.

You may want to look at their Facebook page for additional information

There are now two machines in the outdoors enclosure. One is to dispense whole milk, the other is a traditional vending machine for empty milk bottles, cheeses and butter etc.

Below are examples of what is on offer and there is a video of how to use cheese station and details on the milk station.

Dairy  Products Vending Machine

As examples the options available are:

Empty 1 Ltr Reusable Milk Bottles  £2.00

Maryland Salted Butter                     £2.20


Barber Cheeses:

Red Leicester £2.50  (200g)

Mature Cheddar £2.50  (200g)   £3.50  (320g)

Cave Aged Cheddar  £3.00      

Waxed Truckle Mature  £3.50

Soft cheese is on an  "as available" basis.

All prices subject to change based on availability.

The vending machine is CASH  or Card - please use exact change if you can.

See video of how to operate this vending machine; it will help you if you watch this before using it!

Anything else you would like to see in the vending machine?  Send us a message and we will see if we can make it happen!


Milk Station


Unless you are a five year old, the first time you use any new equipment you are filled with trepidation!

The original machine has been replaced with a new machine which accepts both cash and card (contactless).

The machine will dispense milk to the value you put in.  Still £1.20 a litre but if you put £1 in you get less, if you put more than £1.20 in you will have to have a second bottle to collect the extra! See sign on machine and reproduced below for details.

If you need change for the machine please call into the pub.

The picture below will be replaced with one showing the card reader in due course.