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On Monday 18th September we had a great night of wine and cheese tasting. The night started with a white port from Portugal served with ice as an aperitif followed by white wines from France and Hungary and a rose from the USA. Before tasting, each wine was knowledgeably described in an interesting talk about the country and area from which it came, the grapes from which it was made and even details about the vineyards which make them. Half way through the evening the cheese was introduced all of which came from local producers. This involved a strong cheddar, a west country brie, a blue and a smoked cheese all of which proved extremely tasty and were complimented by the wine served to accompany them. The tasting then went on to a red wine selection from Chile, Italy and Spain and finishing with a 10 year old Portuguese tawny port.

It was a really enjoyable and informative evening with a wide selection of wines and a good time was had by all. From suggestions made by those present, further evenings will be arranged based on wines from specific countries and areas and accompanied by typical food from those countries. A very civilized way to get more informed about wines around the world and make new friends!

Bell ringing Celebration

Our local ringers celebrating at the Keys after winning the Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers' Novice Rounds Competition

Pub Fun Day

On Saturday 12th August the Cross Keys Inn, a community free house, held a Pub Fun Day to help raise money toward a defibrillator at the pub.  People gathered to play several old pub games which are in danger of dying out.

As the day was bright and warm boules was played in the lovely garden.  Dominoes and Cribbage were available and the Darts, Ring the Bull, Bagatelle and Shove ha’penny were run as competitive games where 50p was donated to the fund in order to enter.

The Darts was won with a score of 196 in nine darts, the Ring the Bull winner scored 6 with 10 goes, Bagatelle contestants were given 10 balls and a score of 800 won and the successful Shove ha’penny player scored 8 with 15 shoves.

This day was a great example of how our village pub can provide family enjoyment in a pleasing, friendly atmosphere with reasonably priced good food available during the lunchtime.

The defibrillator fund has now reached £415.  Sara and Rob Burton, the Managers, would like to thank all those who supported the day.

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