Our Story

The Cross Keys pub in Corsley was offered for sale by Wadworth brewery at the end of 2015 and the local community has formed a company to buy the property and run a Free House from the premises with a community focus and responsive to the community needs. The closure of this pub would be a very great loss to the village and, while there are other licenced premises in the immediate area, this is the only one ever likely to be up for potential village/community ownership. The other pubs are ultimately owned by Longleat and whether they remain open or closed is dictated by Longleat's business decisions.


A large percentage of the villagers regard the pub as the heart of the community. We believe that as a Free House with investment from shareholders both in and outside the village it is expected to have a successful and happy future.

As a Free House we are free to offer whatever the local community tells us they want - so long as it is within the law and affordable!

Function Room

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Cross Keys Inn

Lyes Green



BA12 7PB

Tel: 01373 832406

Email: info@crosskeyscorsley.co.uk


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